Doing a fan art is a pleasure for me. It’s the easiest way to show my support for someone that I adore. I do it for free and just hoping they’ll like it —well, I’m thinking about selling the print copies too 😀 And this time, I want to tell you the process of making the latest fan art that I done last week, featuring MISA BAND-MAID as part of BAND-MAID series that I’m currently work on.

References and Sketch of MISA BAND-MAID

Like what I usually did, I start with searching for the references. Looking through her social media accounts and other sources to find her best photos. It’s critical part for me, because I’m not only need to find the best picture, but “I need to like it” —the photo— first. And finally after searched for a while, I choose the pic that showed in the band website.

References? Check! Then I can start to sketch it on paper using any pencil that I have found; usually 2B or B. In this step, I usually don’t think too much because I know how I want it’ll looks like. Just need to sketch it as close as I imagine and not worried if it’s not well enough. Because it’s a sketch and because the later step is the step that need more attention.

Start to Stippling

Sketch is done! Then, what’s next? Stippling!

This one is more like “start from where you want”. Every artists will do differently in this steps. Some artists will start with the body or other areas and others will do by filling the number. But I usually start with the face. I more prefer this way, because face is the selling point and need more effort to make it right.


And then I continue to other area. At this step, when working on other artwork, I often left the hair untouched and do it later because it’ll need more time to finish it. But because this MISA BAND-MAID fan art is not too zoomed in you can see my featured artwork for comparison– I can stippling the hair first. The result is not bad because I can still see the highlight.


Be Patient. It’s Almost Done!

This is why I like stippling / pointillism. It required more patience, more effort and absolutely: a lot of dots! So far, since I start stippling in the end of 2016, I only can take 4-6 hours a day to do stippling. I can take longer, but then it’ll start to messed –it’ll have more tadpoles than dots 😀

MISA BAND-MAID fan art is one of my fastest work. After stippling the hair in the 2nd day, in the next day I can start to stippling her all black maid uniform and other areas. And like I said, it’s almost done! 🙂


It’s fast. Because, the next day I can start to finish it. Stippling the rest of areas –hair and bass– and do a finishing touch. Also making sure everything is looks great.

When it finished, I can remember that I said “I did it!” to myself. And quickly, it become one of my favorite fan art that I already done so far. I;m satisfied with the result. Not perfect –that bass grip and ribbon– but I like it. What do you think? 🙂


Working on Next Fan Art

But it’s not done yet. I still need to draw the rest of band members to finish my BAND-MAID series.

I’m excited to do it and currently, I’m working on part 2 of 5 from the series. Who will I draw next? Follow the progress on my Instagram account @hello.eljuno or Facebook page Drawn by Eljuno, because I’ll post my work in progress post there.

😀 ❤️