Brave Goes to School: Introducing Brave Browser & Basic Attention Token

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June 8, 2018

Not like the monthly meetup, on June 5th-6th, Brave Squad Indonesia @IndoBrave held the very first Brave Goes To School event in Indonesia. This 2 days event took place at SMA Pax Patriae and SMP Pax Ecclesia, Bekasi. In total, around ~180 students attend the events. And the attendees is mostly from the 1st and 2nd grade and some teachers also joining us. Here’s a summary of this awesome event.


Brave Goes To School @ SMA Pax Patriae

For the first day, IndoBrave team represented by Viking KARWUR, IndoBrave founder, me and other IndoBrave fellows, Laurenzo, Lorenzo and Putro. We arrived at the venue around 08:30 AM, 2 hours before the event starts to do some preparations.

The students start to arrived around 10:30 AM and at the entrance door, they can took some stickers and leaflet with a link that can be used to download Brave. And after all students arrived into the auditorium, Viking open this event with a brief story about this event and then introduced the team that are present.

Introducing Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token

Brave Goes to School - Day 1

Pax Patriae students that attend Brave Goes To School – Day 1

After that, the event continued with the introduction about Brave Browser. I had a chance to introduce the Brave Browser. In short, I talked about what make Brave Browser different from other browsers. From the built-in adblocker, tracking protection and other protection settings to the upcoming Brave Ads.

Then, we have a Q&A session for Brave Browser. At this session, a lot of questions asked by the attendees. Like “Why Brave on Android have same interface with Chrome?”, etc. (I’m sorry, I forgot the questions. My bad! hehehe) And for every questions that asked, they can get some Brave Gears like keychain, t-shirt and wristband.

After the Q&A session finished, Viking continued with a quick presentation about Basic Attention Token (BAT). In general, he introduced BAT, the integration with Brave* as a proofing ground and the solution that offered for user and creators. Before we wrapped up this event with a group photos.

*note: BAT integration will not be limited to Brave Browser


Brave Goes To School @ SMP Pax Ecclesia

For the 2nd day, IndoBrave team is represent by Jemmy Novy, Tobias, Laurenzo, Lorenzo and myself and sadly Viking unable to join us for day 2. Like the day 1, IndoBrave team arrived 2 hours before the event start. But we need to wait until ~08:30 AM before we can do the preparation because of lack of information about which room that will we used.

And after the preparation, we start the event around 09:15 AM.

Jemmy Introduce Brave Browser at this Event

For this event, Jemmy, one of IndoBrave fellow gave a talk and introduce Brave Browser. After Tobias opened the event with a brief story about what kind of information that attendees will get. It was a short presentation, and after Jemmy finished his talk, we continued with Q&A session. Like the previous day, there’s a lot of questions that being asked. The most interesting question is about “Why Brave is represented with lion? And not a rabbit or else?“. 😀

And we finished this event with a group photo around 10:15 AM.

Brave Goes to School - Photo Group - Day 2

Say Thanks!

Personally, I would thanks to Pax Patriae and Pax Ecclesia, teachers and students for welcoming us and gave a permission to held this 2 days event. Also thank you to IndoBrave fellows for the help during the event. You are all awesome! See you in the next opportunity. <3


Photos: IndoBrave documentation


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