Basic Attention Token Indonesia community (@BAT_Indonesia) held their 5th meetup, #BATCafe 5.0, on Monday, 14th 2018. This meetup took place in Starbucks, Lagoon Avenue Mall, Bekasi. I’m a bit late arrived at the venue, around 06.10 PM, due to traffic. But at least I’m not really late and got my the special BAT swag. 😀

Basic Attention Token Indonesia Meetup


Jemmy Novy talked about Basic Attention Token project updates. — Photo by Cindy Nikijuluw.

This meetup is led by Jemmy Novy, one of BAT Indonesia fellow that gave BAT project update and latest information. One of the latest information is about Brave new office in London and about BAT that been nominated for Best Project at the upcoming Crypto Influencer Awards.

Other information is about Brave/BAT meetup in Singapore and Korea. Two BAT Indonesia fellows, Viking and Jemmy flew from Jakarta to Singapore to attend the meetup Singapore. There’s also a video about introduction to Basic Attention Token from the meetup in Korea.

And after that, I have a chance to told the attendees about Brave/BAT weekly merch giveaway before Viking add additional introduction about Basic Attention Token.

Special BAT SWAG

BAT SWAG at #BATCafe 5.0

BAT SWAG at #BATCafe 5.0. — Photo by Yohana Kansil.

This meetup became more special because of special gift from last Brave/BAT meetup in Singapore with Brendan Eich. Viking and Jemmy brought some special envelopes from Singapore meetup that distributed to each attendees in this #BATCafe meetup.

Each envelope contain free BAT that can be recovered to user’s Brave wallet and can be used to support publishers site and content creators through Brave Payments. Finan Akbar demonstrated how to recover this free BAT and some of attendees also successfully recover the free BAT, including me. Thanks Brave and Basic Attention Token for this little happiness! <3


Finan Akbar (navy blue shirt) demonstrated how to recover the free BAT! — Photo by Jemmy Novy.


Attendees successfully recover the free BAT! — Photo by Viking KARWUR

See You at BATCafe 6.0!

And if you interested to learn more about Basic Attention Token, feel free to join me in the next #BATCafe 6.0. Follow @BAT_Indonesia on Twitter and join the group for the latest information about the meetup.

See ya there! 😉


Group Photo by Jemmy Novy