Basic Attention Token Indonesia Meetup: #BATCafe 2.0

#BATCafe 2.0 - Group Photo. 6 peoples smile to the camera.

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February 17, 2018

Finally, I can finish this post after leaving this as a draft for weeks. Need to update some info before published it, but here we go. Basic Attention Token Indonesia held their second meetup, BATCafe 2.0, a months after the first meetup in October 2017. In this event, we discuss about the latest update from Basic Attention Token projects and some tips and trick for publishers. Especially for publishers and content creators in Indonesia.

Basic Attention Token Indonesia Meetup

Around 6 peoples attend the meetup that held at Starbucks, Grand Galaxy Park, Bekasi. Mostly the attendee are publishers and content creators that have verified YouTube channel while others have a verified website. Although I came as publishers and users and oh! This site is verified :p

Project Updates

Viking KARWUR give Basic Attention Token update at BATCafe 2.0

Viking KARWUR (left) give Basic Attention Token update at BATCafe 2.0

After all attende arrived at the venue and ordered coffees, Viking KARWUR start and opening the meetup. Some topics that Viking told to us is about BAT project updates.

One of it is about upcoming referral program for publishers that told by Brendan Eich on AMA back in December 2017. Viking not telling much about it, just said that there’ll be a referral program because at that time, he have no more information about this.

And the good news is the program’s opened yesterday. Giving around $1 million dollars in tokens to publishers and content creators for referring their visitors and viewers to switch to Brave. Publishers can get their referral link at publishers dashboard.

Screenshot show that publishers already enter the referral program

Creators can get their referral link at publishers dashboard.

Another update is about upcoming support for Twitch. Currently, BAT platform is only support sites and YouTube channel. And the team is working to adding support for more platform, start with Twitch and other platforms are following. Viking “confirm” this based on Brendan’s tweet that include Twitch logo next to YouTube inside pic that shows verified publishers statistics. Currently there’s around 8000 verified publishers and creators.

In short, support for more platforms can drive more attention and adoption to BAT. Also, wider support mean more content creators can monetize their contents and Brave users can reward the creators for good contents.

Support me by using my referral code to download Brave Browser, web browser that block ads and trackers by default. Use it for 30 days and feel the different! 🙂

Tips and Tricks: How To Withdraw BAT in Indonesia?

At the meetup, Viking also gave tips for current and future publishers and creators in Indonesia. About withdrawing the recieved BAT from Brave users.

This one is important because Uphold, Brave partner that provide wallet for publishers and converting BAT to fiat and for KYC process is not supported in Indonesia. So there’s no way for Indonesian publishers and creators to directly withdraw BAT to local bank account. So sad, hoping Uphold will be available in Indonesia in the future 🙂

And as workaround, publishers can use 3rd party service that can send those fund to local bank account: Exchanges. Some exchanges like Luno can withdraw to local bank account.

For steps, publishers can convert the received BAT to Ethereum or Bitcoin inside Uphold. Then transfer those fund from Uphold to preferred exchanges. From exchanges, publishers can transfers it to local bank account. Not easy because it’s require more steps and effort and additional fee. But it can work for now. 🙂

If you never heard about Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token is utility token based on Ethereum blockchain that can be used by advertisers, publishers and users. The first phase, BAT Mercury, integrated BAT into Brave Payments system. And Brave Browser will be the proofing ground for BAT platform. More info about Basic Attention Token can be found on their website.

Join me in next meetup!

Are you user, creator or advertiser? Interested to learn more about Basic Attention Token? Come join me in the next BAT Indonesia community meetup, this month. Will be held at February 22 at Kopi Kila, Jatiwarna, Bekasi. More info and RSVP can be done in

pics by @jemmynovy

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