Milestone: 1000+ translated strings in Pontoon!

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Pointillism Artist. Localizer. Brave Browser user and contributor.

October 16, 2017

I start to actively to contribute to Mozilla in localization area by January 2017 and focused in Indonesian language because that’s my native language. And today I reached a milestone: 1000+ translated strings in Pontoon!

Here’s the statistic: 1,815 total translations, 1,088 translated and 725 suggestions and 2 fuzzy.

Translated Strings: What’s That Mean?

It’s mean, there’s 1000+ strings that I translated is available in various Mozilla’s projects like Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Mobile (Android, iOS), Firefox Focus, Firefox Rocket, Test Pilot projects, and others. ❤️

Previous milestone is I hit 1000 translations last June. And other achievements is I invited to attend Mozilla Localization Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan, last April.

What is Pontoon?

It’s web-based localization tools that used by Mozilla for localize and translate Mozilla projects into local language. It can used to translate web content or any project that uses one of the standard localization file formats. And you can see the intro here.

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