It’s Official: We Migrating to WordPress!

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September 24, 2017

Yes, we moved! Today, I proudly announce that I officially migrating to WordPress. I’ll tell you the story. 🙂

Why WordPress?

Well, it’s not “new” for me. When I started blogging, back in 2013, I already use WordPress. But, at that time, I use the hosted version by The reason is because I want to focusing on writing and blogging than building and maintain my website. And I also have no knowledge to use WordPress. This article help me to decided at that time.

Again, I have no knowledge about how to have a relationship with WordPress before. And now, I think I have the basics. 😉

Limitation. And We Moved.

If you ask me why I migrate to WordPress, I can say the first reason is limitation. Free plan of have limitations especially with the customization. If you just want to focus on writing, then, it’s perfect choice for you. It’s HTTPS, always updated and maintained well by the team. In short, they will take care your back and you just need to write!

But when it came to how you want your site looks like, you need an extra cash to do that. Limited theme support, 3 GB free storage, and more. If you want more or you hit the limit, than you need to upgrade your plan. It’s (have) free (plan), but it have few limitations.

I’m not saying “it’s bad”. Overall, as a new guy in the club, I like it. But when I need more, it’s not my best option.

To Learn Something New

Another reason is I have interest to learn it since the beginning. I read their documentations, but still not understand. I know local WP community, but haven’t attend their meetup yet. Until a moment, where Viking Karwur explained how to make a WP site to me and others in break session in the last Localization Sprint.

Well, now I realize, using WordPress is that easy. Although, I still need to learn more, but I’m happy with it and will do it. In the near future, I think I’ll attend local WP meetup to learn more about WP. Will you join me? 🙂


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